Shaker Swing Handle Carrier

I made a Shaker swing handle carrier. It was my first time making one.

Here are some things I messed up:

  1. I should have made the swallowtails line up off-center. Since they are centered, and the handle is centered, I had to drill through them to attach the handle. I think it would look better to have the swallowtails to the side of the handle.
  2. There are wood spacers between the handle and the box. They are made from drilling into the end of a dowel and then sawing it into thin pieces. I only had a maple dowel of the right size. It looks okay, but to match the box, I’ll get a cherry dowel for the next time.
  3. It would have been better to apply finish to box before attaching the handle.

pegging the shaker box

making the swing handle

hammer the swing handle rivet

swing handle attached

swing handle carrier unfinished

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